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SERI partners GetDoc in Eye Fundus Scan research powered by AI

Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) has partnered GetDoc, to launch a research study in Artificial Intelligence (AI) fundus eye imaging on 17th May 2021. They invite anyone above the age of 40 and not under the care of an ophthalmologist, to participate as a volunteer in the study at SERI Research Clinic, Level 7, 11 Third Hospital Ave, SGH Campus, Singapore 168751.

Fundus eye image studies can help detect common eye conditions such as cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. These eye conditions if left undetected and untreated are the leading causes of blindness.

Furthermore, not only does fundus imaging provide insights into eye health, it is also a non-invasive screening method to reveal risk of coronary artery disease that may lead to stroke or heart attack.

The screening process involves taking photographs of the fundus (back of the eye) through the pupil, with a special camera. Doctors can use observations made from the fundus and its blood vessels for analysis by AI, leading to diagnosis for eye diseases and risk prediction of heart diseases.

To take part in the study, volunteers are to register their interest here first and once their participation is confirmed, to book an appointment with SERI on GetDoc. Volunteers will receive a token of appreciation for taking part.

About Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI)
Established in 1997, SERI is Singapore’s national research institute for ophthalmic and vision research. SERI’s mission is to conduct high-impact eye research that prevents blindness, low vision and major eye diseases common to Singaporeans and Asians. Over the last decade, SERI has conducted landmark research projects that have led to tangible outcomes, patient benefits, and success stories. It has paved the way for significant improvements in how eye diseases are treated and prevented, not just for Singaporeans or Asians, but on a global scale. www.seri.com.sg

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