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Jireh Group launches new eLOG Health Insurance Portal

Jireh Group (GetDoc) is pleased to announce that the eLOG Health Insurance Portal (HIP) has gone live on 13 May 2019. The HIP allows hospitals to issue eLOG (electronic Letter of Guarantee) for patients who are policyholders of private Shield insurers.

Through this e-LOG HIP instantly accessible at hospitals’ admission department, hospital staff checking the system for patient’s insurance coverage, could expeditiously receive authorisation to waive all or partially the required deposit based on the extent of coverage. CPF MediShield policy holders who are covered by the major participating insurance companies can now look forward to a more seamless experience, thus putting their minds at ease when being admitted to either the restructured public or private hospitals.

This e-LOG HIP is a web application designed to be extensible and scalable, fully built with a high level of reliability, availability and recoverability, and secured according to the MAS Technology Risk Management (TRM) guidelines.

The Portal is rolled out in the private hospital sector whilst the public hospital sector is getting their fully secured web access points to connect to the new e-LOG portal.

“We continuously strive to build & connect platforms for a better healthcare experience. This latest e-LOG HIP creates practical integration among all essential stakeholders for the purpose of enhancing the health insurer to patient relationship, leading us closer to our vision of a world where connected healthcare is affordable, accessible & efficacious” says Mr Woon Shung Toon, Group CEO of Jireh Group (GetDoc).

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